West India, like other regions of India, is famous for its cuisine. the unique thing about West Indian cuisine is that it contains diverse dishes with a wide range of ingredients, taste, colors, and aromas. This region of India is one of the most developed regions with lots of industries.

The urbanization of this region has also expanded the range of this cuisine as lots of chefs are experimenting with different dishes to take this cuisine to the new level. Here you will find about interesting facts, popular dishes, major ingredients and lots of other things about West Indian Cuisine.



West Indian Cuisine Facts and History

• Gujrat is a part of West India and Surat, a city of Gujrat, is world-famous for its food.
• The food southern side of the West India is dominated by rice, seafood and coconut due to the ocean and lots of rivers on that side.
• Maharashtrian cuisine is the part of West Indian cuisine which contains one of the spiciest dishes in the world. Even the name of these dishes brings water in mouth.
• Gujrati dishes in this cuisine contains only vegetables due to which Gujarati cuisine is also referenced as Vegetarian cuisine.
• Alcohol is prohibited in Gujrat, therefore, no drink or dish in this part of West India contains alcohol

West Indian Cuisine Menu


• Lasaniya Batata
• Luchi
• Makai Na Bharta
• Kakdi Nu Raitu
• Khajoor Na Ghugra
• Sev Puri
• Daal Parantha
• Poha Roll


• Masala Puri
• Masala Supari
• Aamti
• Asoondi
• Bharwan Baingan
• Chhundo
• Dal Dhokli
• Dhokla
• Gujarati Kadhi
• Gunda
• Khaman
• Khaman Kakdi
• Khandvi
• Khichu
• Kobhi Zunka
• Osaman
• Pav Usal
• Pavta Batata
• Pavta Patties
• Pitachi Mirchi
• Puneri Daal
• Sukavni
• Sukhi Kolmi
• Toor Dal
• Trevti Daal
• Undhiyo
• Valche Virdi
• Vangi Ani Val
• Vangi Batata Bhaaji
• Vermicelli Upma


• Aloo Bonda
• Aloo Poha
• Bhel Puri
• Leelva Nu Bhaat
• Pani Puri
• Pao Bhaji
• Puran Poli
• Pohay
• Ragada Patties


• Upma
• Usli
• Vagharelo Bhaat
• Bombay Chiwda
• Thepla
• Ringan Nu Oloo
• Sabudana Khichdi
• Tindora Nu Shaak


• Shrikand
• Kalakand
• Gajjar ka Halwa
• Gulab Jaman
• Petha
• Raj Bhog
• Jalebi


• Darjeeling tea
• Lassi
• Shikvanji (Lemon juice also known as Nimbu Pani)
• Sugarcane Juice
• Cashew Apples
• Jal Jeera

Holiday Menus

Holidays in West India is about traditional dishes and sweets. People usually eat paratha with daal in the morning. Masala Puri is another delight of holiday. This region is full of vegetables therefore you will find lots of vegetable dishes like Wada Pao. Shrikhand is the first choice as a dessert on holidays.

Most Popular Dishes

It is very difficult to pick out three or four most popular West Indian dishes as there are more than dozens of dishes in this cuisine which are popular in the entire South Asian region. We picked most popular dish in each category to help out people of all tastes.

Pohay:It is also called pohe and it is very spicy rice dish. Roasted chilies are used in this dish to add spicy taste. Other ingredients of this dish are cumin seeds, mustard, curry leaves, onions, and of course rice. This dish is also considered as a snack as you can make it in few minutes and it contains no fats.

Pav Bhaji: This is a famous fast food of India. It is just a vegetable curry which contains fired pav bhaji, mushroom, cheese, paneer (a type of cheese), spices, and some dry fruits. The ingredients of this dish clearly indicate that it is high-calorie dish. All these ingredients make the curry very thick and people usually eat it with a bun or bread. You can find this dish from any food street in West India.

Vada Pav: It is the most famous food of West India because it is like a burger but it does not contain any meat, therefore, health conscious people and vegetarians can eat it. The best thing about this dish is that it contains deep fried potato. If you want to eat fast food without gaining weight then this dish is for you. Like any other Indian dish, Vada Pav also contains few spices which make this dish mouthwatering. This dish is also known as Wada Pao so don’t get confused if you find this word on the menu.

However, my favorite one is Tarla Dalal:

Polupar Desserts:

Shrikhand: Any cuisine can’t be completed without a delicious dessert and this dessert of West Indian Cuisine is Shrikhand. This is basically a milk dish but yogurt is used instead of pure milk to get the desired thickness and taste. Yogurt is drained with the help of a cotton cloth and then different flavors like saffron and cardamom are added to improve taste. It is luxurious desserts therefore high-end West Indian restaurants serve this dish.

Most Used Ingredients

• Rice
• Beans (especially daal)
• Vegetables (including all season vegetables)
• Coconut
• Sea food but mostly only fish is used
• Spices

Traveling Foodie – What to eat when you travel to West India

Street Food

• Bhel puri
• Pav bhaji
• Vada Pav
• Chicken tikka rolls
• Kebabs
• Kheema Pav
• Channa bhatura
• Pani puri

Restaurant Food

• Kalakand
• Masala Supari
• Bombay Chiwda
• Gujarati Kadh
• Dal Dhokli
• Bharwan Baingan
• Vagharelo Bhaat

Now you must have realized that diversity of West Indian cuisine. You will find every kind of delicious dishes from spicy to sweet.


Are you from West India? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on West Indian ethnic food.

Pratima Saha