North Indian cuisine comprised of dishes of the Northern region of Indo-pale including Northern Punjab, Sindh, Jammu & Kashmir, Hamachi Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Northern Gujrat, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. All these regions clearly indicate the diversity of dishes in this cuisine. Dishes of this cuisine has some of the most sophisticated dishes in the world. Only highly trained chefs in traditional homes and restaurants can make those dishes with perfection.

This cuisine is renowned in the world for its snacks and lots of other regions of India also eat snacks and desserts of this cuisine. Here you will find out about the history, menu, ingredients, and most popular dishes of this cuisine.


North Indian Cuisine Facts and History

• The history of this cuisine goes back to the Imperial Times, therefore, some dishes like Sahi Tukry and Nargisi Kofty has a clear touch of Mughal traditions.
• North Indian Cuisine is the richest cuisine in the world with the combination of ten regional cuisines including Awadhi cuisine, Bhojpuri cuisine, Bihari cuisine, Cuisine of Kashmir, Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh, Kumauni cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, and Rajasthani cuisine.
• Although it is called Indian cuisine but it also contains two regional cuisines of Pakistan.
• North Indian cuisine has even adopted some dishes of West Indian Cuisine like Gulab Jaman and Halwa.
• Some portion of Gujrat also comes in North India, therefore, West and North Indian cuisines has some common dishes.

North Indian Cuisine Menu


• Aloo Dahi Wale
• Aloo Dum
• Kadhai Paneer
• Khoya Matar
• Matar Paneer
• Palak Paneer
• Paneer Bhurji
• Paneer Makhana Curry
• Sarsoon Ka Saag
• Stuffed Tomato
• Vegetable Curry


• Aloo Mangodi
• Aloo Palak
• Bhindi Bhaji
• Chane Jaiselmer Ke
• Chilli Paneer
• Ghiye Ke Kofte
• Hara Chana Masala
• Lobhia
• Makhani Arbi Masala
• Malai Kofta
• Marwadi Gatta Kadhi
• Methi Aloo
• Methi Ke Gatte
• Navratan Korma
• Pakori Kadhi
• Paneer Kofta
• Paneer Makhana Curry
• Paneer Makhani
• Papad Sabzi
• Peshawari Chana
• Pindi Chana
• Punjabi Kadhi
• Rajma
• Rajma Rasmisa
• Shahi Gatte
• Sindhi Kadhi
• Stuffed Aloo
• Stuffed Bhindi
• Stuffed Capsicum


• Aloo Palak Pakora
• Baby Corn Pakoda
• Chicken Role
• Dahi Bally
• Gol Gappy
• Masala Dosa
• Masala Sweet Corn
• Methi Ke Pakore
• Paneer Tikka
• Pyaz Ke Pakore
• Raita
• Samosa


• Aloo Amritsari
• Aloo Bharta
• Aloo Ghobi
• Aloo Ki Sabji
• Aloo Rassewale
• Aloo Took
• Baigan Aloo
• Bhindi Anardana
• Dum Aloo
• Karela Masaledar
• Paneer Korma
• Paneer Pasanda
• Paneer Taash Kabab
• Papad Ka Shaak
• Rajasthani Bhindi
• Sabz Sangar
• Shahi Paneer


• Rabri
• Falooda
• Kheer
• Kulfi
• Laddu
• Sohan Papdi
• Revadi
• Peda
• Halwa
• Mohan Thaal
• Makhan Misri
• Phirni
• Ghevar
• Jalebi
• Sheeer Khorma
• Shahi Tukry
• Gulab Jamun


• Fresh Fruit Juices
• Milk Shakes of different seasonal fruits like mango, strawberry, and banana
• Lassi (different flavors of Lassi has been developed over the years)
• Limeade
• Tea

Holiday Menus

The holiday dishes in this cuisine depends on the region. In Punjab people love to make Phirni, Kheer, and Sheer Khorma on holidays and special occasions. On regular holidays Pakora and samosa are most popular snacks. Every dish in this cuisine is special but korma and kofta are truly special. Lots of people in these regions serve korma and Chicken Kerhai in their wedding ceremonies and other special occasions.

Most Popular Dishes


This mouthwatering dish is one of the most delicious dishes in North India. the best thing about this dish is that it can be prepared with or without meat. Vegetarians can make it with French beans, green peas, carrots, and potatoes. They can also add more verities of vegetables to make Navaratan Korma. If you add chicken in it then it will call Chicken Korma. You can also make this dish with beef and mutton which shows the flexibility of this dish and the amazing thing is that every variety of this dish is simply delicious.

Sarson ka Saag

This dish contains Mustard leaves and spinach which make it very good for health especially for growing kids. This dish is extremely popular in rural areas and the taste of this dish is just mind boggling especially when it is eaten with buttered chapatti.

Most Used Ingredients

• Chicken
• Flour
• Makhan
• Paneer
• Potato
• Spices
• Tomato
• Yogurt

Traveling Foodie – What to eat when you travel to North India

It will not be easy for travelers to select the best dish because there are literally dozens of snacks available on the streets of Punjab and Gujrat. Here is the list of some dishes and snacks that you must try in the street and restaurants of Northern India.

Street Food

• Dahi Bally
• Kachori
• Pani puri
• Dal Pakwan
• Chaap Chola
• Samosa
• Pakora

Restaurant Food

• Korma
• Dum Aloo
• Shahi Paneer
• Masala Dosa
• Paneer Kofta
• Paneer Makhana Curry
• Chilli Paneer
• Ghiye Ke Kofte
• Channa Masala
• Chicken Karhai

All these dishes are enough to showcase the elegance and delight of North Indian cuisine. Lots of chefs are making efforts to further improve the taste of some dishes to attract foreigners and their efforts are further expanding this cuisine.


Are you from North India? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on North Indian ethnic food.

Pratima Saha