Rajasthan is colorful, unique and culturally rich. The state’s cuisine can be described by pretty much the same adjectives. It is a state of Maharajas and a land of desert, and lakes. There is a lot of clarified butter that goes into the dishes. On the other hand, the scarcity of water has encouraged use of milk and other dairy in the food here. Mawa Kachori, Gatte ki Sabzi, Daal Baati Churma, etc., flavored with a lot of chilies and ghee, are some of the lip smacking dishes you get to try from the Rajasthani buffet.


Rajasthani Cuisine Facts and History

• It is a large state and the cuisine here is an amalgamation of Marwari, Mewari, Bikaneri and Shekhawati cuisines.
• The royalty of the region still holds a lot of influence in the region and most of the rich foods, especially the sweets, come from the royal kitchens of Rajasthan.
• Since Rajasthan has vast areas of land covered in desert, not much vegetables are available for cooking. Naturally, locals use the scarcely available veggies for cooking. Also, food cooked in the region can be stored easily.
• Besan or gramflour also makes a big part of the Rajasthani cuisine. Everything from Aam ki Kadi to Gatte Ki Sabzi use the ingredient.
• You will also find a lot of refreshing drinks as part of the Rajasthani cuisine. These include the likes of Makhaniya lassi, Kairi ka Jaljeera, and so on.
• Rajasthani cuisine offers everything from peasant food to large platters, fit for royalty. There is something for everyone indeed.

Rajasthani Cuisine Menu


• Pyaaz Ki Kachori
• Matar Ki Kachori
• Kalmi Vada
• Khameeri Grean Pea Puris
• Namak Paare


• Aloo Matar Ki Sabji
• Beans Ki Sabji
• Besan Gatte Ki Sabji
• Besan Purla
• Childa
• Dahi Mein Aloo
• Papad Ko Saag
• Gajar Ki Sabji
• Shahi Gatte
• Guwar Fali Ki Saag
• Haldi Ko Saag
• Jaipuri Kadhi
• Bajri Ki Raab
• Karela Ki Sabji
• Ker-Saangri Ki Sabji
• Kicha Ki Sabji
• Kikoda Ki Sabji
• Lauki Key Koftey
• Makki Ki Ghaat
• Makki Ki Raab
• Makki Ki Saag
• Badi
• Masala Gatta
• Matar Ki Sabji
• Meethi Danamethi
• Moranga Ki Sabji
• Motha Ko Saag
• Papad, Badi Ko Saag
• Papad Ki Sabji
• Raabdi
• Rabori Ki Sabji
• Sev Tamatar
• Dal Tadka


• Bikaneri Bhujia
• Kanji Vada
• Masala Mathri
• Papad Ki Churi
• Pithore


The lunch and dinner menus are similar


• Ghevar
• Milk-Cake
• Imarti
• Jhajariya
• Seero
• Churma
• Balushahi
• Mawa Kachori
• Besan Chakki
• DilKhushaal
• Feeni
• Gujia
• Kadka
• Makkhan-bada
• Palang Torh


• Kairi ka Jaljeera
• Kairi ka Paani
• Makhaniya Lassi
• Buttermilk

Holiday Menus

On any given day, Rajasthan is a vibrant and colorful state. But, festival season adds a special touch to not only the streets, but to the food of the state as well. Gujias are a commonplace during Holi. Gangaur is another major festival in the region. During this time, Singhade ka Halwa, Kache Kele ki Chaat, Kuttu ki Puri, Kaddu Ka Raita, and Kele ki Barfi are specially prepared. Another festival that is celebrated in Rajasthan is Teej. Ghewar and Malpua are the two main sweets that are popular during this festive season.

Most Popular Dishes


Rajasthan offers a huge selection of dishes. Many of these are some of the best savory and sweet dishes in the country. But, there are a few that have struck a chord with everyone. Here are the most popular dishes from the state of Rajasthan.

Gatte Ki Sabzi

A vibrant dish to look at and a complete treat to eat, Gatte ki Sabzi is a labor intensive preparation. You will get balls of gram flour that have been boiling away in a tangy and flavorful gravy. Served hot, it is worth a visit to the state.

Dal Bati Churma

This dish was prepared for the soldiers, because it could be stored longer, eaten quickly, and offer a lot of energy to the warrior. Though it was a functional food, it soon found its place on the plates of the royals and was equally enjoyed by the common people. Bati is essentially a bread prepared from whole flour and then soaked in ghee. This combination is then served with a thick stew of pulses.

Pyaaz Ki Kachori

If you are in Rajasthan, then you have to start your day with this heavyweight of a breakfast. It is fried dough, filled with a delicious filling of onion and spices, a perfect way to start the day.


For those with a sweet tooth, try this unique desert. It is available in almost every corner of Rajasthan and is an Indian cake that will leave you spellbound.

Most Used Ingredients

Chillies – You will find whole and powdered chilies in almost all Rajasthani preparations. They are not just hot, but lend a typical flavor to the cuisine as well.

Ghee – Lots of it actually can be found in almost every Rajasthani preparation. It also works to mellow down the effect of the chilies

Gramflour – This ingredient is used in some of the most popular dishes of the region, from Gatte ki Sabzi to Kadi. It forms an integral part of the Rajasthani cuisine.

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Street Food

There is a lot of interesting street food that you will find in Rajasthan that is difficult to find anywhere else. It is pretty cheap too. Here are some of the food items that you have to sample before leaving Rajasthan.
• Pyaaz Ki Kachori
• Ghewar
• Kanji Vada
• Mirchi Bhajia
• Raj Kachori
• Bikaneri Bhujia

Restaurant Food

Restaurant food is a lot more refined and rich. You cannot leave Rajasthan without tasting these dishes.
• Daal Baati Churma
• Gatte Ki Sabzi
• Panchmel Dal
• Moong Dal Halwa
• Kadi (there are many kinds)

The cuisine of Rajasthan is rich and has a lot to offer. You should find time to sample and appreciate each and everything. You will not be disappointed. But the food is pretty warm with all the spices and quite heavy. So, portion control is your responsibility! But, do taste all that you can and enjoy the awesomeness that is Rajasthan.


Are you from Rajasthan ? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on Rajasthani ethnic food.

Komal Rathi