Punjabi Cuisine comes from the Punjab region, which was divided during the partition of India and Pakistan.

1. Punjabi Cuisine Facts & History

The cuisine from this region is known for its rich cooking style and a wide breadth of dishes. Agriculture and animal husbandry have been the mainstay of the region of Punjab and continues to be a major source of income even today.

Chana Masala Recipe  Punjabi cuisine food

So, seasonal and fresh vegetables and meat form a predominant part of the cooking. Thanks to the five rivers that cross the state, a lot of fresh water fish also finds its way into many of the dishes in the region.

The food is mostly rustic – more labor intensive and artisanal. The world famous Tandoor style of cooking is the product of this ancient cooking style.

Punjabi food offers something for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Wheat is the staple of the people of Punjab, and Basmati rice is another major crop in the region.

Punjab is known for its flourishing agriculture, which is reflected in the rich food of the people here. They make use of ample amounts of milk, butter, cottage cheese, and so on, to render the foods rich, delicious, and thick.

2. Punjabi Cuisine Menu


• Amritsari Kulcha
• Chole Poori
• Paratha (like Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Pyaz Paratha and more)
• Samosa
• Halwa Poori
• Chhole Bhatoore
• Makhni doodh
• Amritsari Lassi
• Tea
• Phainis
• Dahi Vada
• Paya



• Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti
• Rajma Chawal
• Amritsari Dal Makhani
• Khichdi (a dish with lentils and rice)
• Shahi Paneer (Cottage cheese is used in different gravies)
• Paneer Kofta
• Baingan Bharta
• Punj Ratan Dal
• Punjabi Kadhi
• Lentil stew or Daal (this can be made from different types of lentils)
Punjabi cuisine Bhature Recipe


• Butter Chicken
• Amritsari Tandoori Chicken
• Chicken Tikka
• Paye
• Biryani
• Amritsari Fish Tikka
• Mutton Kebab
• Kheema
• Rogan Josh
• Bhuna Gosht
• Raan Gosht
• Kadhai Gosht
• Nihari Gosht
• Dal Gosht
• Paye Da Shorba
• Shami Kebab
• Chicken Kadhai


• Tandoori Naan
• Poori
• Bhatoora
• Chapati
• Paratha


• Toasted Grains (especially that of wheat and corn) mixed with jaggery
• Sattu
• Pakoras
• Samosa


The dishes served for lunch and dinner are the same


• Pinni
• Panjiri
• Soan Papdi
• Carrot Halwa
• Gulab Jamoon
• Kaju Barfi
• Kalakand
• Imarti
• Jalebis
• Motichoor Ladoo
• Sooji Halwa
• Amritsari Jalebi
• Barfi
• Gurh: made out of sugarcane juice.
• Kheer
• Khoya
• Kulfi, an ice-cream-like dessert
• Laddu
• Malpua
• Rabri
• Sooji Halwa
• Sheer korma


• Sweet Lassi
• Tea
• Buttermilk
• Milk
• Neembu Pani
• Bantay (Soda Drink)
• Jaljeera
• Various Fruit Juices
3. Most Popular Dishes
• Amritsari Kulcha
• Aloo Paratha
• Chhole Bhatoore
• Amritsari Lassi
• Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti
• Rajma Chawal
• Amritsari Dal Makhani
• Punj Ratan Dal
• Punjabi Kadhi
• Butter Chicken
• Amritsari Tandoori Chicken
• Chicken Tikka
• Pinni
• Panjiri

Authentic Punjabi Pakora Kadhi

3. Most Used Ingredients

All seasonal vegetables and fruits make a part of the Punjabi cuisine. You will also find a generous use of dairy products in these dishes. Chicken and lamb are the favorite meats of the region. Different types of lentils are also used in most preparations and wheat is the mainstay of the region, which is used to prepare all the breads.

4. Traveling Foodie

Do not forget to taste these items when you are travelling through Punjab:

• Pinni
• Halwa
• Amritsari Kulcha
• Chicken Tikka
• Butter Chicken
• Sarson Da Saag and Makke Di Roti



Are you from Punjab? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on Punjabi ethnic food.

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