1. Kumaoni Cuisine Facts and History

Uttarankhand is a state in the northern part of India, right in the lap of Himalayas. It is popularly known as the Land of the Gods. Kumaon forms a part of this hill state.

Spinach Curry or Palak Ka

The food from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is predominantly vegetarian because of the strong influence of the Hindu religion and a heavy presence of the Brahmin population.

The food is simply prepared and generally carries high nutritional value. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the largely organic nature of the produce grown in Uttarakhand.

The Kumaoni cuisine is highly nutritional, developed to sustain the rough life in the hills of Uttarakhand. The use of spices is minimal, which helps to bring out the taste of ingredients better. Most of the ingredients keep the body warm, especially during the harsh winters of the Himalayas.

Despite the simple preparation, the food is delicious and really healthy to eat as well. It is not easy to find Kumaoni food outside of the state, because it has not been popularized much. It is one of the lesser known joys of visiting the hill state.

2. Kumaoni Cuisine Menu


• Pua
• Roth
• Singhal
• Aalu Gutook
• Badeel
• Gahat Ke Parathe
• Bathua Ke Parathe
• Sei


• Rus
• Dubuk
• Kaafa
• Kheere Ka Raita
• Sisunak Saag
• Bhatt ki Chudkani
• Bhaang Ki Chutney
• Shai
• Baadi
• Aalu Ka Jhol
• Madua Ki Roti
• Kaafuli
• Bhatiya
• Mangodi Curry
• Lai Ka Saag
• Buthuye Ka Saag
• Paliyo
• Jholi Bhaat


Kumaoni Recipe Bhatt ki churdkani


• Madua Roti with ghee and jaggery
• Sana Hua Nimbu
• Pua
• Jhangora
• Pakora


The same dishes are eaten for lunch and dinner. There is no real distinction.


• Singorhi
• Bal Mithai
• Sei
• Methi Ka Laddoo
• Kesar Halwa
• Kasaar

Mustard Raita or Kumaoni Raita


• Chai (Milk Tea)
• Marchwani
• Milk
• Chaach

3. Most Popular Dishes

• Aloo Ke Gutuk
• Bhang Ki Chutney
• Bhatt ki Churdkani
• Pua
• Sana Hua Nimbu
• Singal
• Roth
• Bal Mithai
• Singorhi
• Kheere Ka Raita

4. Most Used Ingredients

Since it is pretty cold for a large part of the year, ingredients that provide heat to the body are generally preferred. Lentil seeds like bhatt and gahat are used regularly.

You will not find a lot of traditional spices in the Kumaoni food. Instead, there are local herbs like jambu and jakhya that are used to temper the dishes.

To combat the cold climate, there is also a generous use of ghee in most Kumaoni preparations. Since a lot of ‘satvik’ food is eaten in the region, it is not easy to find dishes containing meats, or even garlic, and onion for that matter. Wheat is used in preparing the breads, but rice is a staple here, which accompanies most dishes.

5. Traveling Foodie

Travelling to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is a spiritual experience for many. The simplicity is reflected in its food and you should try everything you can get your hands on, since it will make for a unique experience. Do not leave the state without trying:

• Sana Hua Nimbu
• Bhang Ki Chutney
• Aloo Ke Gutuk
• Kheere Ka Raita
• Pua
• Kheere Ka Raita
• Bal Mithai
• Singorhi



Are you from Uttarankhand? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on Uttarankhandese ethnic food.

Anushka Tuli