1. Kashmiri Cuisine Facts and History

Kashmir is not only a beautiful destination, but a foodie’s paradise, especially if you are a non-vegetarian.

Kashmiri Cuisine Shahi Aloo Dum-Indian Potato Curry Recipe

Mutton is the most loved meat in the Valley. Even the Pandits of Kashmir are known to eat all kinds of meats, including beef. Also, the climate of the region has a huge influence on the region’s cuisine.

It is rich in flavor and uses a lot of dairy products. A true Kashmiri spread can be seen during wedding celebrations. It is called a Wazwan and is an age-old Kashmiri tradition.

Both Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims follow it. The only key difference here is that while the Kashmiri Pandits use lamb as meat, Muslims have a taste for goat meat in their Wazwan. Dry fruits, saffron and other warm spices form a big part in developing the flavor profile of the Kashmiri cuisine.

2. Kashmiri Cuisine Menu


• Kulcha
• Sheermal
• Katlamas
• Baqerkani
• Tsot
• Lavas
• Tsotchovru
• Harissa


• Dumaloo
• Chaaman
• Rogan Josh
• Tomul chhot
• Haakh
• Yakhni
• Al Yakhni
• Tabak Maaz
• Tehar
• Muji Chattin
• Matar Palak
• Rajma Gogji
• Gogji Nadir
• Chokh Vangun
• Wozij Chaaman
• Meeth Mattar
• Rista
• Gushtaba
• Kashmiri Style Mutton Ribs
• Machh


Mutton Rogan Josh recipe Kashmiri cuisine


• Nadur Churma
• Maesh Crari
• Chhir Chot
• Tabakh Naat
• Drann
• Yaji


The same dishes are interchangeable for lunch and dinner.


• Shufta
• Khir
• Roth
• Firun
• Modhur Pulav


• Sheer Chai
• Kahwah
• Sader Kaenz
• Fruit Juices (Fruits grow in abundance in Kashmir)

3. Most Popular Dishes

• Dumaloo
• Rogan Josh
• Haakh
• Yakhni
• Rista
• Gushtaba
• Sheermal
• Sheer Chai
• Kahwah

Stuffed dum aloo Kashmir cuisine food recipe

4. Most Used Ingredients

Mutton is hands down one of the most used ingredients in Kashmiri cooking. It is used in everything from day to day dishes to most items in the regal feast called Wazwan. Other than mutton, the dishes from Kashmir also enjoy a healthy helping of ghee and other dairy products.

You will also find expensive ingredients like saffron being used in the majority of dishes in the Kashmiri cuisine along with the beverages of the region. The same is the case with almonds and cashews too, which find their way into most dishes of this cuisine. Whole and powdered spices are also used in good amount.

These warm spices do not only lend good taste to the food, but also provide the much needed heat in the rather cold weather that Kashmir witnesses for most of the year.


5. Traveling Foodie

Kashmir is a beloved tourist destination. It is not only because of the abundance of natural beauty here, but also because of the royal food of the region. For a meat lover, this is the ultimate holiday experience. On a trip to Kashmir, do not forget to dig into these delicacies.

• Rogan Josh
• Yakhni
• Gushtaba
• Rista
• Kehwa
• Fresh Fruits (Apples, for sure!)
• Dry Fruits (Especially Almonds)
• Kulcha



Are you from Kashmir? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on Kashmiri ethnic food.

Anushka Tuli