1. Bihari Cuisine Facts and History

Bihar and Jharkhand are the eastern states of India, known for their rich history and culture, and share a common cuisine.

The food of the region is mainly vegetarian, because of the major influence of Hindu and Buddhist religions. Most of the households do not eat any kind of meat or even eggs.

Because of the presence of numerous rivers like Ganges, Gandak, and Sone, in addition to the innumerable fresh water streams, fish too forms a major part of the Bihari cuisine.

Meat is not completely eliminated from the Bihari platter and there are a few non-vegetarian delicacies that primarily use chicken and mutton. Bihari cuisine is hugely influenced by both North Indian and East Indian flavors, because of its unique position between Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

2. Bihari Cuisine Menu


• Ghugni
• Pittha (Sweet or Savory)
• Choora
• Makuni Roti
• Satuwa Parauntha
• Poppy Seed Parauntha
• Piyaz Parauntha
• Dal Poori


• Kadhi Bari
• Khichdi
• Litti Chokha
• Bharwan Karela
• Kalmi Saag
• Munga Saag
• Koinar Saag
• Sarla Saag
• Gandhari Saag
• Katai Saag
• Dhhahdhhaa Saag
• Chench Saag
• Golgola Saag
• Chakod Saag
• Chimti Saag
• Khesaari Saag
• Bathua Saag
• Palak Saag
• Bhurta
• Bhunjia
• Shaahi Jhinga Masaledaar
• Jhinga Biryaani
• Jhor Waali Machhli
• Kela Machali
• Bihari Kebab
• Makai Ki Roti
• Naan



• Dhuska
• Golgappa
• Jhal Murhi
• Chaat
• Pakora
• Dahi Bada
• Kachauri
• Tarua
• Bhunja


The dishes eaten for a meal in the afternoon are relished in the dinner as well.


• Pittha
• Khaja
• Til Barfi
• Basundi
• Malpua
• Thekua
• Kheer
• Laktho
• Balushahi
• Churma
• Anarasa
• Kala Jamun
• Pantua
• Gulab Jamun
• Motichoor Ke Laddoo
• Peda
• Parwal Ki Mithai
• Khurma
• Khubi Ka Lai
• Padokkia
• Belgrami
• Pririkya
• Murki
• Kasar
• Gaja
• Paan Peda


• Sattu Ka Sharbet
• Sattua
• Buttermilk
• Aam Jhora
• Aam ka Sharbet
• Bel Ka Sharbet

Sattu litti recipe Bihari-Cuisine

3. Most Popular Dishes

• Litti Chokha
• Khaja
• Khurma
• Malpua
• Balushahi
• Kadhi Bari
• Parwal Ki Mithai
• Pitha
• Kala Jamun
• Sattu Ka Sharbet
• Bel Ka Sharbet
• Basundi

4. Most Used Ingredients

Bihari cuisine uses a lot of similar ingredients that Bhojpuri cuisine does. Roasted gram flour or sattu forms a big part of the Bihari cuisine as well. Also, Biharis use a lot of yogurt in their dishes, along with buttermilk. There is no dearth of butter, ghee, and milk in delicacies from this region.

Most of the dishes make use of seasonal fruits and vegetables, because of which it is common to cook certain dishes during only particular seasons. Watermelon is a favorite in the summer months, while sesame, and poppy seeds are extensively used in winter dishes for warmth. Wheat is a staple grain, but rice also has its place.


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Anushka Tuli