1. Bhojpuri Cuisine Facts and History

This is the cuisine of the people living in the Bhojpur region, which covers the border areas across both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Aloo Paratha Traditional Food -Bhojpuri Ethnic Cuisine
The regional food is not typically spicy, and it is a norm to use seasonal vegetables. The cuisine originated from peasant food, which was meant to provide them with all the energy they drained while working in the fields.

Also, a lot of rich food in the region is prepared as an offering to their deities. So, you will find simply prepared and pious food in this area. Many of the dishes also derive influence from the neighboring Awadh region.

So, one or two Mughlai-style dishes can be found in a Bhojpuri menu. The cuisine has a good mix of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, with something for everyone.

2. Bhojpuri Cuisine Menu



• Tilkut
• Dahi Chooda
• Paratha And Sabzi
• Stuffed Paratha
• Halwa Poori
• Pua-Dahi
• Chhole Bhature
• Kachori
• Jalebi



• Litti-Chokha
• Daal Pithouri
• Maakuni
• Chura-Dahi-Gur
• Chhole-Rice
• Dahi-Bara
• Bari-Kadhi
• Dum-Aloo
• Khichdi With Ghee, Chokha And Chutney
• Dal-Puri
• Arwa Chawal
• Lauki Ki Sabzi
• Belgrami
• Lobiya
• Dal Maharani


• Bihari Seekh Kebab
• Korma Pua
• Kebabs
• Non-Veg Kofta
• Biryani
• Fish Curry (Fresh Water Fish)

Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Khichdi


• Anarsa
• Pakora
• Mardua
• Thekua
• Ghugni
• Dalmot
• Aloo Tikki
• Tikri
• Mathri
• Kachori
• Nimki
• Chaat
• Shakarpara
• Dal Pitha


The same dishes are interchangeably eaten for lunch and dinner.


• Perukia
• Mal Pua
• Balushahi
• Khaja
• Gujiya
• Lawanglata
• Khajhulee
• Til Ke Laddu
• Tilwa
• Laai
• Bhang Halwa
• Singhara Halwa
• Khas Khas Halwa
• Kala Jamun
• Kheer
• Petha
• Meetha Samosa
• Methi Ke Laddoo
• Parwal Ki Mithai
• Laktho
• Pua
• Chandrakala
• Kheer Makhana
• Gurma


• Falooda
• Maththa
• Aam Panna
• Nimbu Pani
• Sharabat
• Lassi
• Ganne ka Ras



3. Most Popular Dishes

• Litti Chokha
• Thekua
• Khaja
• Laktho
• Shakarpara
• Balushahi
• Malpua
• Chana Ghugni
• Kadhi Bari
• Dal Puri
• Kheer Makhana
• Parwal Ki Mithai
• Dal Pitha
• Kala Jamun

4. Most Used Ingredients

Bhojpuri cuisine makes use of a lot of diverse ingredients. But, one ingredient that finds its way into most of the Bhojpuri dishes and drinks is gram flour, also known locally as Sattu. Many spices are also repeatedly used in Bhojpuri cuisine like garlic, bay leaf, cumin seeds, ginger, and pepper. Wheat and rice are the staples of the region.

Also, chicken and lamb meat is commonly eaten, while some remote areas also use the meat of Asian antelopes in some typical preparations. The region has an abundance of fresh water supply. Naturally, fresh water fishes also form a big part of the everyday food in those areas.

5. Traveling Foodie

If you are travelling to the Bhojpuri belt of India, then it would be a good idea to get a taste of the eclectic sweets of the region. Malpua, Balushai, Kala Jaam, Parwal Ki Mithai, and Khaja are some such desserts. If you are in a mood for something savory, then do not miss out on Litti Chokha and Dal Pitha, which are only found in this region of the country.


Are you from Bhojpur? Maybe you visited there? Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts on Bhojpuri ethnic food.

Anushka Tuli