Hungarians are known for their delicious food, where meat, paprika, and sour cream are used quite often. Their desserts are the same, being sweet and full of flavor. If you’re on a diet, visiting Hungary will definitely spoil such plans, since the food here is consistent and very hard to resist. In the following lines you will find some of the most appreciated Hungarian dishes, which made this country famous around the world.

• Hungarian Beef Goulash

If you want to try something authentic and traditional from Hungary, you need to try the goulash. It is a delicious stew made out of beef, although pork may be added as well, or used exclusively in the recipe. The best goulash is made in a large kettle outside, on open fire, but you can always prepare it inside as well. The best part is that you will need one pot for all the ingredients, adding them step-by-step, as the recipe tells you. The side dish for goulash can be anything you want, from potatoes, to pasta, or even rice. If you want to try this dish out, check this recipe and enjoy here!



• Langos

This is a type of food you will find almost anywhere in Hungary, being a much appreciated street food. It is practically deep fried dough, seasoned with a large variety of sauces, like garlic sauce, ketchup, or even sour cream, and topped with cheese. It may not be too good for your silhouette, but you will simply fall in love with the taste. It is a perfect dish in case you want to try something different, so make sure you check the recipe, because it is so easy to prepare this dish.

Langos Hungarian Recipe Food

• Halászlé

Halászlé of the fisherman’s soup is a famous soup made out of fish. Paprika is used with generosity in this recipe, for flavor, but other ingredients, like tomatoes, peppers, and others, as used for preparing it. The best way to make this soup is outside, on an open fire, allowing it to simmer for hours. This is what it will give the soup its incredible taste. Would you like to try it? Here is the recipe.

Halászlé of the fisherman’s soup Hungarian

• Kurtos Kalacs

The Kurtos Kalacs or chimney cake will mesmerize you with its incredible scents as soon as you get near a food stand that prepares it. The smell of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, and caramel will make you drool instantly, wishing to try this incredibly looking cake. It is a very popular street food in Hungary and neighboring countries, which also got the taste for this tasty dessert. The cake can be topped with anything from caramelized sugar, to coconut flakes, minced nuts, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. Try it for yourself by using this recipe.


Kurtos Kalacs Hungarian cake recipe

• Paprikás Csirke

Paprikás Csirke or chicken paprikash is another famous Hungarian stew recipe. It is delicious and considered to be comfort food, because it is filling but light at the same time. Usually, the paprikash is served with small dumplings, but paste or anything else you have around as a side dish will do. It is not complicated to make and you will simply love the taste. Here is the recipe if you want to try it out.


 Paprikás Csirke Hungarian Dish Recipe

6. Töltött Paprika

Translated as stuffed pepper, Töltött Paprika is a savory and filling dish. Practically, peppers that are emptied of their seeds are stuffed with a composition made out of ground meat, uncooked rice, eggs, onions, paprika, salt, and pepper. They are placed in a pot and covered with a sauce made out of water, tomato sauce, onions, peppers, and other ingredients. The pot is then covered and can be cooked in an oven or left to simmer on the stove until the peppers are made. Serve it fresh sour cream and even hot peppers. This recipe will simply charm you.


7. Madártej

Madártej is actually a dessert; the name can be literally translated as “bird’s milk”. It is named this way because the main ingredients are milk and eggs, being similar to vanilla custard. It is an easy to prepare dessert that extremely rich in flavors and very comforting. The egg whites are beaten into thick and hard foam, while the egg yolks are mixed with sugar, vanilla essence or a vanilla pod, and added into hot milk on the stove. If you love the idea of such a light but tasty dessert and wish to know more about how to prepare it, here is the recipe.

Madrtej Hungarian Floating Recipe