Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Ethnic Dishes

Chinese cuisine and its traditional dishes can be found all across the globe as it is one of the most beloved types of cuisine available to the general population. What makes it tasty and attractive is that it has unique tastes and flairs, it has amazing presentation and its aroma is always pleasing. Plus, you will always get a whole lot of food no matter where you order it. With this in mind, here are the top ten Chinese dishes that are absolutely loved.

Chow Mein: A Healthy and Delicious Noodle Dish

This is an incredibly healthy dish that is extremely popular both in the China provinces and throughout the world. It is a noodle dish that is stir-friend and is known to have many different versions due to the various ingredients that can be paired with it. The noodles are deep fried so that they turn a golden yellow and they are then paired with onions, celery and meat. You will most often find the meat to be either pork, chicken, beef or shrimp. Check out a recipe here.


Peking Roasted Duck: A National Dish With a Persuasive Taste

Is considered to be a national dish of China and is famous for its savory thin and crispy skin. It is sliced and eaten with soy and mashed garlic, on pancakes or in sweet bean sauce. Because of its famous nature, restaurants in Beijing actually have some of their own farms for the ducks because of how exclusive and delicious it is. As with any poultry, it is plucked, the entrails are removed and then it is cooked evenly in a large oven. Check out a recipe here.

Bejing duck chinese food recipe


Won Ton Soup: Soup Mixed With Dumplings

This dish is incredibly versatile and has been around since the Tang Dynasty. The Won Tons look similar to Italian tortellini and are boiled and served in a soup. They are filled with either minced pork or diced shrimp and are on occasion deep friend. If it is being served in a soup, it may also be served with vegetables and green onions. It can be quite easy to get these mixed up with dumplings as they look similar, however the cooking preparations are quite dissimilar. Check out a recipe here.


wonton chinese soup recipe


Dumplings: Globally Popular

These have been around for over 1,800 years and are widely popular in the Northern regions of China. They are typically eaten during festivals but can be eaten at other times too. They are made out of a thin piece of flour that is then stuffed with either crushed meat and chopped vegetables. Diced shrimp, boiled chicken, beef, minced pork and ground meat is served with a sauce. Check out a recipe here.

Chinese Dumplings Recipe Food

Ma Po Tofu: A Spicy Delicacy

This is a famous Sichuan cuisine dish that derives its spicy and hot taste from the pepper powder that is used as a condiment on the ground beef that makes up the sauce portion of the dish. The ground beef is paired with creamy tofu and chopped up green onions. It is an extremely hot dish that takes on a distinct taste, so if you’re not into spicy, then this dish is not for you. Check out a recipe here.
mapo-tofu-chinese food recipe

Spring Rolls: Sweet, Savory and Golden


These are well known pretty much across the globe with their cylindrical shapes and sweet and sour sauce side. They are made out of flour and oil and are filled with vegetables such as sprouts and meat such as chicken or shrimp. These can be made to be either sweet, savory or spicy and are known to have a golden yellow color to them. They are prominent in the Jiangsu, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Fujian regions. Check out a recipe here.

 spring-rolls-chinese food recipe

Gong Bao Chicken: Specialty Style Diced Chicken Dish

If you are looking for a dish that mixes peanuts in with sour-sauces and diced pork, then this is what you will want to try. It’s not too spicy and it is quite a famous and well loved dish. It mixes either diced chicken or diced pork with dried chili peppers, friend peanuts and mixed vegetables. If you’re looking for a healthy and filling dish, this is it! Check out a recipe here.

gung bao chicken chinese recipe


Sweet and Sour Pork: A Bright Orange Comfort Food


This dish is known for its bright orange-red color and its delicious sweet and sour taste. Pork is the most common filling, but there are other variations that fill the breaded ball with beef, chicken or pork ribs. This dish is the type that packs in the pleasant aroma, bright attractive colors and sweet tasting ingredients. It originated from the Zhejiang region but has now spread throughout the world as a beloved dish. Check out a recipe here.

Sweet+and+Sour+Pork+Chinese food recipe


Egg Fried Rice: A Light Spongy Dish


Egg-fried rice is an incredibly simple dish as it is mainly made up of rice, eggs, onions and vegetables such as carrots and peas. It is a nourishing dish that is light and can be easily digested, so it is great for individuals who do not like eating heavy meals. By adding in turmeric and paprika, you can give it a bright yellow color that you would normally see from fried rice. Less water is used in cooking the rice so that it does not get all mushy and the eggs are fluffed for presentation. Check out a recipe here.
egg fried rice chinese recipe


Fried Shrimp: A Delicious Light Dish

This is another traditionally light dish that is served as a healthy, delicious alternative to all of the other spicy choices. The dish is incredibly easy to make as it only requires shrimp, cashews and some mixed vegetables. If you have hard shrimp, rolling them in flour can soften them up and the cashews should be fried until they become golden brown. Check out a recipe here.
chichi-shrimp-chinese food recipe
Keep in mind though that all of these dishes can be made the authentic way or they can be modified to suit your taste palette.